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If we remember what happened 5500 years ago in India ?. A war called Mahabharata was fought in which millions of soldiers were killed along with greatest people like Arjun, Bhim etc. of that era. Lord Krishna was also there at that time. In these 5500 years, we lost all the remains/artifacts and are still searching for them just to prove to the world that we had well developed societies at that time and That The Lord Krishna , The Incarnation of God Vishnu, did exists and is not just a mythology but was the ultimate fact.

The mother earth has its own time schedule to destroy the past / present just to give way to the future and that nothing can be preserved for ever. But being human we are capable of finding ways to preserve the things of past and present for ever. The earth is a highly volatile place to preserve things because it continuously face forces like earthquakes / volcanoes / tsunamis etc.. which tend to destroy everything which has been made by humans and nature.

4000 years ago, Egyptian have learned to preserved human bodies for thousands of years and today we know about the livings of those people at that time. Today we all know about their culture, way of living, their societies etc.

But the question is whether these mummies shall remain safe for millions of years ?. Looking to the volatile nature of Earth I think NO.

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  • One can desire to go beyond the Solar System and send photos on regular interval to his family members. Similarly one could think of sleeping on Moon / Mars and or fired on Jupiter

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  • But till today we are unable to send our own astronauts from our soil, might be because of lack of fund, lack of technology to keep astronauts live in space.

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  • Today, our science has developed to a great extent and we can see that our prestigious institution ,ISRO , is sending satellites into space on regular interval. Moon and Mars mission were a great success to us and we are all proud of it. Demo User